Are you considering cosmetic dentistry and wonder what it could look like?

Times have changed…it used to be that a dentist could only show work that has been done in the past to assure a patient that cosmetic dentistry will improve his/her smile.  Now, dentists can show the patient what it could look like in their own face!  This is called cosmetic imaging, and it is a great tool for communication between the dentist, the patient and the dental laboratory who fabricates the porcelain teeth.

Patients who are considering having porcelain veneers or crowns and bridges done now can ask the dentist for an Envision Your Smile design before any treatment begins.  This revolutionary approach helps the dentist and the patient work together and agree on the cosmetic design prior to the start of the treatment.  Ask for Envision A Smile by name because, although there are other cosmetic imaging softwares available, Envision A Smile trains our users to remain anatomically correct.  This is important!!  What this means is that the imaged view your dentist shows you is achievable in the clinical sense- in other words, it can be done!

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