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Why should a dentist use Envision A Smile?

Dentists use Envision A Smile cosmetic imaging software to help patients understand the proposed treatment plan.  Patients don’t understand the parameters of dentistry, and most probably don’t want to!  But when it comes to cosmetic treatment, the patient may be very nervous about a change in their smile.  Envision A Smile puts those fears away by showing what the finished dentistry can look like before treatment ever begins.  Wouldn’t you want to see a car before you buy it?  Cosmetic dentistry is like that too.  It is an investment the patient is making to look and feel fresher or  younger while the restorative aspect of the treatment may be just as important.

When the patient and dentist sit down to discuss the treatment using Envision A Smile, all of the sudden the end is in view.   The patient can more clearly understand and ask questions or make comments on the design.

Let’s not forget the laboratory who is going to fabricate the veneers or crowns.  With the imaged views in hand, everyone is on the same page!


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