Helping patients understand what you already know is so important! But how?

As a dentist, do you ever feel like words cannot express what you ‘envision’ for your patient’s smile?  Of course you do, because it is like trying to describe a red rose.  It’s red, it’s on a long prickly stem, and it’s beautiful.  Does that do the trick?  Uh, no.   Showing a picture of a white rose would ‘help’, but the patient still can’t quite get what you are talking about because there is so much to tell about a red rose.  And in the dental office, showing a patient a beautiful smile in someone else’s mouth is sort of the same thing.  The patient might think ‘that can never happen for me’, even though you are saying “yes it can”.  Words just can’t do it and you might end up feeling like you are ‘selling your wares’.

Well, cosmetic imaging will show the whole story.  Your patients will be able to see a new, beautiful and customized smile in their own face…what could be better?  With Envision A Smile, you can match the anatomy and space of the patient’s teeth so you are showing a very realistic outcome.  And then, your lab person can use the imaged view to fabricate the wax up…just another bonus.

Envision A Smile is now available three different ways;  purchased outright, as a software-as-a-service on a monthly basis, or as a custom order where we do the imaging for you.  What keeps you from trying this?  We are pretty sure your patients will LOVE this, your schedule will love this, and you will get to do more of what you love to do.  What’s NOT to love?

Try it today.  We are ready to show you an online demonstration at your convenience.  Or try our custom imaging service to see the patient’s reaction.  But be prepared;  you may see tears because the patient will see what he or she has always dreamed of.  No words can explain that.


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