What is Envision A Smile and how can I benefit from it?

Envision A Smile is a cosmetic imaging software for dentistry.  It enables the dental professional to create a virtual smile design of the proposed treatment plan prior to the start of treatment.  This facilitates a more direct communication with the patient and helps  the patient to understand what the treatment will look like.

Envision A Smile has been purchased in more than 24 countries to date and is a user-friendly software program. The software  is designed to allow each dentist to offer the possibility of  cosmetic enhancements to every patient when considering changes to their smile and dental treatment. With updates and new features being released soon, it will now be even easier for the dentist to communicate their professional skills and capabilities to their patients before treatment begins. Envision A Smile also offers a cosmetic imaging service for dentists who prefer not to purchase the software for unlimited use.  Submit the photographs and the imaged case will be returned within 3 business days for presentation to the patient.  If you were the patient, wouldn’t you want to know what the outcome could look like prior to committing to treatment?


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